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What James Harden is doing to frighten opponents

The Rockets guard is in the midst of what could be the best offensive season in almost 60 years—and if he keeps this up, it may be hard to deny him the MVP award Watching defenders attempt to stop James Harden elicits the same kind of joy that might come from watching two awful people […]

The Rockets guard is in the middle of what might be one of the best offensive seasons in nearly 60 years— and if he maintains it, it might be arduous to exclude him from the MVP award .

For this bad defender some of you felt unhealthy— they couldn’t have begged for it or earned it. One shows the irony, making you so giddy that you feel responsible for taking gratification from the incident. Those who witnessed Portland’s 132-108 decimation of Houston on Monday didn’t have to be fans of Trail Blazer to really feel unsafe because of Harden’s slew of PDX icons crossing into the hardwood. Nor had Houston fans been the one who saw the magic happen with sick pleasure.

Harden, who is now on the rhythm of leading the league in scoring for the third consecutive season, had 36 factors on 11-for-19 capturing (a very environmentally friendly evening for him), along with 5-for-10 capturing from past the arc, six boards and five dimes. His backcourt accomplice, Russell Westbrook, added to the pleasant, logging one of his fledgling Rockets profession’s best recreation with 28 factors, 13 rebounds, and 10 assists— his third triple-double Houston in 12 video games. And while Westbrook shone on his bobblehead night, it was the scoring from Harden that stored Portland all night at arm length.

Looking backwards, Harden’s performance demands criticism

In only eight and a half minutes of play, the 2018 MVP scored 15 points in the second quarter; when it came in, Houston were ahead by only three–a 14-point lead in the break. His 23 factors on just 12 made an attempt to lead all scorers, and with a big lead in hand, he played the remainder of the best way just over 15 minutes, scoring 13 additional factors, all seemingly at will.

At the end of the season, Harden simply wanted the last individual reward of the NBA to be good for the second time, arguing that his second-place finish behind Giannis Antetokounmpo was responsible for an unfair media narrative. He’s made it impossible for the plot to have any other major character so far this 12 months. This feels inevitable that the player will find the twine, whether or not he is struggling through falling opponents, or 30-plus feet from the rim as he rises.

Harden performs for almost 60 years at unknown distances. He has a total of 39.2 reasons per entertainment from 14 video games. Only Wilt Chamberlain ever put it on the same fee, dropping 50.four factors per recreation in 1961-62, and 44.eight per recreation in 1962-63.

What next?!

The Houston guard had a nostril for buckets at all times. After leaving the presence of Westbrook and Kevin Durant in Oklahoma Metropolis, he hit the bottom running, scoring at least 25 per leisure factors in his first 5 seasons in Houston. During his 2017-18 MVP season, he hit 30 reasons a night— spectacular but certainly not otherworldly. Then the season of 2018-19 took place.

The Rockets had been 12-14 on the season by December 11, and Harden was repeating its performance, with a 44.Three percent capture of 30 reasons per leisure. His working partner, Chris Paul, came down with a hurt a couple of weeks later. Clint Capela picked up a knock from his private just a couple days after that. Eric Gordon lost winter time as well, and the once-vaunted forged partnership of Harden was limited to the likes of Danuel Home, P.J. Tucker, and Austin Rivers. And so it took over from Harden.

In each of his following 32 video games after December 11, Harden scored at least 30 factors, along with 18 video games of at least 40 factors, and 4 of at least 50. Harden averaged an incredible 41.1 variables per leisure over the course of the season, and the Rockets climbed 21-11 and third within the Western Convention. The scoring performance of Harden settled at 36.1 variables per recreation by the end of the season, making for the seventh-highest mark in NBA’s historical past. In a sense, to the best, he’s on screen now.


Whether or not Harden is willing to maintain this pace next season will determine the success of the Rockets. They sit behind the Lakers at the top of the Western Conference at 11-3, and no other team in the league has an offence as environmentally friendly as they do. Even with accidents involving key gamers such as Gerald Inexperienced and Eric Gordon, thanks to their MVP backcourt, the Rockets are able to thrive. And if Harden continues to achieve as he has this season at this point, it’s not difficult to see him even in his trophy case.

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